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Gibson Island

August 16th, 2016 by admin · No Comments

Mark Lewandowski (Quad 024)

Dave Harp, Mike Norman and I went to monitor our restoration sites yesterday, and found a lot of grass.  I threw together a few slides.

These are roughly the areas we seeded.

This is where we observed SAV yesterday.  The smaller polygon at the top had mostly milfoil 80%, the rest was elodea, some redhead with a very tiny amount of ruppia.  We planted redhead and ruppia seeds in this area.

This is a zoom in on the larger beds.  The left polygon was 70% redhead, 25% ruppia, with a small amount of elodea.  The redhead and elodea looked as though it had been established for a while(dense, thick roots and stems, very fouled), but ruppia was very green and vibrant.  The two overlapping polygons to the right were very dense.  Where they overlap was all milfoil.  The rest is ruppia, redhead and elodea again.

We will be back there in a few weeks to do a more thorough monitoring.

Zoom to this location in the interactive map

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